Reliable industrial strength databases

Reliable industrial strength databases

  1. We use Microsoft SQL Server with some clients databases 75 GB+ in size.
  2. We use proven industry leading (enterprise level) tools that you can trust and depend on.
  3. High capacity backend servers deployed for fast, reliable 24/7 access.

We use Microsoft SQL Server as standard with all our clients. You get a truly well established, industrial strength database backend to ensure that no matter how much legacy data you accumulate, you will never outgrow it. 

We have some clients databases now approaching 75 GB+. This is proven reliability that you can rest assured in. We give you an enterprise level service, infrastructure and support at a fraction of the price you might be expected to pay for such services. 

Our database servers are quite adequately specced, RAID mirrored setups ensure perfect safety and reliability as well as speed. Report servers are linked via gigabit internal networking to ensure fast report generation with minimum fuss. 

Reliable, Dependable, Fast. Software with performance and reliability. Available around the clock and from around the world. 

Are you a new RTO?

Just starting out or a long established giant?We can handle your needs Many of our clients started small and have grown to become giants in their sector.We are scalable and have been tried and tested in the industry…

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