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Reliable Industrial Strength Databases

  • Reliable industrial-strength databases through Microsoft SQL Server.
  • A database back-end that can handle large amounts of data without compromising performance. 
  • Quick access to up-to-date legacy data, at anytime!

Reliable Industrial Strength

It takes extensive testing in live user environments for programs to become reliable industrial-strength. Ensure the quality of your data with industrial-strength features in our database management system (DBMS). 

Enjoy a Resilient Software – with built-in protection against failure.

Industrial-strength operating systems, that won’t lock up when one application fails.

Adequately specced database server; RAID mirroring setups to ensure reliability, safety, and speed.

Gigabit internal network connectivity, for quick and easy report generation by the report servers.

Reliable industrial strength databases

The most popular database management system

The Microsoft SQL Server database management system is one of the most commonly used relational databases on the market. In corporate environments, it supports a wide range of business intelligence and analysis software applications.

Besides being able to run on-premise as well as in the cloud, it includes a number of extensions based on Transact-SQL.

What is the purpose of Microsoft SQL Server?

Software with performance and reliability. Available around the clock and from around the world. 


A company’s ability to utilize this tool and its features is extremely vitalfor seamless operations.

Manage information in relational databases without any hassle. A website that requires registration to access is especially in need of this server.

 Organize everything from customer lists to product catalogs with the Microsoft SQL Server. Websites and applications depend on it for proper operation.

In addition to files, databases, tables, and buffers, its main component is a relational engine. Database servers administer request and response interactions at their secondary levels, which include memory management, programming, and database interaction management.

Reliable. Dependable. Fast.

The Reliability Promise!

Personalised Handover and Go Live by RTO software' onboarding process
  • Microsoft SQL Server for databases up to over 75 GB in size.
  • Proven industry-leading, enterprise-level tools that you can trust and depend on.
  • High-capacity backend servers for fast, reliable, 24/7 access.
  • Enterprise-level service, infrastructure, and support, at a fraction of the price you might be expected to pay for such services.