Document Management

Document Management

  1. Handle and manage all student documents. 
  2. Assessments, ID Docs, Certificates, all automatically linked to student files. 
  3. Easy access and records centrally kept for everyone to collaborate and do their jobs effectively.

We have document management built in. You can upload and store student, enrolment and assessment documents and have them all be linked to student records and dashboards. No more searching for files on the local network, work from anywhere and have the documents available wherever you are.  

Trainers can download student assessments for marking. Student admissions can access ID and application documents. Student services can produce and record certificates and transcripts. All automatically are linked to student files for easy access and stored safely. 

Centralised, Easy, Storage. Allow everyone to collaborate and do their jobs effectively. 

Enrolment Centre

One location to view all the student’s informationEasy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasksCompliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more… Integrated dashboard packed with important information Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items All in…

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