Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

  1. Word templates for student invoices, letter of offers and all external reports. 
  2. Excel and CSV templates for fast and flexible internal reporting. Build filters, graphs and presentations easily.
  3. Easy customisation, run reports now or use a scheduler, automation of certain reports also possible. 

We use word templates to allow you full customisation of your external facing documents such as student invoices, letter of offers, receipts, transcripts and certificates. Easily change the template and have many copies for various campuses, departments and faculties.  

For internal reporting, we use excel and CSV templates. You can customise the columns that you report on and use the generated reports to build filters, graphs and presentations easily.

Word and Excel are established standards and they help you customise easily. You can also schedule reports to run now or have them pipelined for later using our reports scheduler. For some other reports, you can completely automate and have them generate periodically and simply have them sent to your inbox. 

Enrolment Centre

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