Website Data Capture

Website Data Capture

  1. Custom designed forms to suit your website. 
  2. Accept enrolments and applications on your website and push the data directly into the system. 
  3. Publish agent lists and more. All from within our integrated software

We can customise forms to suit your website. Enquire Now and Enrol Now buttons can be mapped directly to your TEAMS site for easy transfer of data. 

We can integrate with Paypal if you want to accept payments. Or simply do enrolments and applications and process them in the system. 

You can easily publish your agent lists, public documents, release assessment documents and more. 

Capture Leads, Enquiries, Applications. Bottlenecks no more!

Enrolment Centre

One location to view all the student’s informationEasy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasksCompliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more… Integrated dashboard packed with important information Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items All in…

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