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Maximizing Your College Management System with TEAMS

The RTO software boasts of robust capabilities that can adapt to the evolving needs of your college.

The All-in-One System

Streamline your college management with integrated RTO software features

Experience our software's exceptional integration capabilities that seamlessly connect all your departments and processes into a single, user-friendly system. It helps you save money, prevents double-handling of data entries, and simplifies college management, making it more efficient and effective.

RTO Software Features

Our goal

To provide our clients with an exceptional RTO software that helps them integrate all departments and processes into a single, user-friendly, intuitive, and powerful system.

Marketing Centre

Agents can send in applications via our Marketing Centre and we offer Agent Portals for our CRICOS and ELICOS clients.

Website data capture

Website Data Capture

Embedding applications directly from your website into our system is the fastest way to accept enrolments and registrations.

Document Management

Document Management

The process of collecting, monitoring, and storing electronic documents, including PDFs, word-processing files, and digital images is made easy with our RTO software.

CRM System

Receive & process applications from your website seamlessly. CRM tracks leads, website inquiries, and prospects in one central system.

Account Payable

Accounts Payable

Our cutting-edge platform allows you to comprehensively handle this critical business aspect with ease, while also capturing full agency details quickly and effortlessly.

Accounts Receivable

Prepare a comprehensive set of reports including invoices processed, projected cash flow, and aged debtors under accounts receivable processing.

VSL (VET Student Loan)

Vocational Education & Training Student Loans (VSLs) are designed to help students cover their tuition fees for VET courses. Identify potential non-compliance and let TEAMS handle VSL reporting and data capture.

USI (Unique Student Identifier)

A student identification number is associated with each full-time and part-time student at a post-secondary institution. At TEAMS, we collaborate with the USI Registry, to let you generate USI numbers easily.

Automated Alerts, Emails And SMS

You can receive automated alerts through TEAMS regarding overdue finances, academic warnings, compliance alerts, and more.

Our Purpose

We are here to help your college be the best in its space. You can get on top of the administrative chaos and quit worrying about whether your compliance is good enough.

Who do we serve?

Marketing, Integration, and Compliance Solution of choice for fast growing and astute education providers.

We serve vocational colleges in Australia, looking for a powerful and intuitive software, to manage their operations with exceptional RTO Software features that seamlessly integrate all departments and processes.

Our Software helps CRICOS college owners to start their college ‘right’ and to prepare them for growth and long-term success.

We assist small to medium vocational training organizations in bringing their entire team (across all departments) together, using the same system for their day-to-day business operations and communications.

RTO software serves small to medium CRICOS colleges by helping them to simplify their operations and conquer the chaos within their organisation.

A unified system helps to streamline your processes and improve communication within the organization.